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Jack Gray : Rotoscoped

Jack Gray :  Rotoscoped

This is a portrait of one of my best friends (Jack Gray) I did as a gift. Some of you may have heard of him (Poet, Lyricist).

When painting this I didn’t realize anything about style/technique, or even what Rotoscoping was.

It was after I gave his portrait to him that he explained to me what exactly Rotoscoping is.

Since he attained this and posted it on facebook, and mine as well. It has engaged some fans to requests Portraits of the same style varying from singles, couples, and families.

Really hope that the community here on Wordpress, and the internet in general can find some appreciation, critique, or inspiration through this.

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Grandfather Thompson

Grandfather Thompson

Did this portrait in Honor of my Grandfather Thompson. He’s done endless things for my family, and I. That the least thing I could do is a portrait of one of the greatest men i’ve ever known.

He has already seen the portrait and loves it.

Luckily he doesn’t read the internet so he won’t find out through this blog that i’m going to have it printed and framed as a gift on his 78th birthday.

Somehow I’ll figure out how to get the $$ to purchase it by then, but either way just wanted to show you all some of my portraits. I’ve been told that my style is close to rotoscoping, but let me know what you all think of it?

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Swirl Eye

Swirl Eye

Over time i’ve noticed how i’m usually drawn into the corner of wanting to draw eyeballs, realistic eyes, fantasy eyes, animal eyes, and even anime`/manga eyes.

This eye I present here is what I call a swirl eye. It was digitally drawn/painted in Muro, and took about 45 minutes to complete.

If you click on the image it will bring you to DevArt where It is originally posted. On that site it’s received some pretty good feedback. Over time i’ll have to post more of these because I have amassed quite a few beautiful, unique, and interesting eye balls.

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Cosmic Fruition

Cosmic Fruition

Cosmic Fruition:

“Star Struck”
Connections via Chemical Trails.

My atoms of my being.


Man; Woman

Brother; Sister

Space is empty to the eye

The half Negative,

We hang upon

We shoot for the Stars


The smell of space

Is on the breath

Of the ones we love.

(Jack Gray)

My comments: Cosmic Fruition is one of the first Digital Paintings I’ve ever attempted. It was done in a program on Deviant Art called Da-Muro, and it was brought into GIMP 2.6 for some other renders. All in All spent about 5 hours digitally painting and putting this together.

The author of the poem that goes with this painting is one of my best friends in real life, and is a great poet, and lyricist. Feel very fortunate to have him write this piece while looking at the painting, and listening to Carl Sagans – Symphony of Science.

Now i’m hoping you, the wordpress, and internet community can get some kind of emotional signal from this.

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