Slaughter Fish

Slaughter Fish

Another abomination of a fish.

Hybrid Starfish/Flounder.

She’s a beaut ain’t she?

This is just the Linework. Colored version here

Disclaimer: These images are solely owned by me.  If you want to use them please ask for permission, and always give credit back to the original article, or picture that you are going to use.  As long as these images are being used for a non-for profit way then there should be no problems.   Just be sure to credit me, and link back to this site.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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14 Responses to Slaughter Fish

  1. Blank Canvas says:

    Would like very much to see the colored version!;-)

    • There, It’s uploaded.

      • Blank Canvas says:

        Glad I said something. I LIKE IT!:-)

      • haha yeah, some people are liking the un-colored version better. What do you think?

      • Blank Canvas says:

        I think color and un-colored/ black and white speak differently as art forms (whether they be of the same subject…). Black and white draws you into the detail of the piece, subject – allows you to look closely and journey into the piece. Color is a form in itself, thus when you judge a work of color you have to enter its depth as well…
        “What I think” – And no better way to compare the effects of color than by your piece! You should avail them for study by some art College or something:-)

        Both are different now, and each artistically beautiful in its own way… different from the other.

      • In depth comments like the one you made above. Are quite the reason that communities and tribes here on the web, furthermore wordpress are vital to todays understanding and perception. Have had one major art studio notice some of the images and styles i’ve portrayed. The owner of the studio said that Okatacy, and slaughterfish are perfect examples of acceptable material for comics, mangas, ect. Which made me quite happy because I never thought I would be reaching that far in such a small amount of time. Once again, thanks for such a in depth comment. Really made my day.

      • Blank Canvas says:

        Don’t sweat it… Besides, I’m a lover of art, and I like your style. So, thanks to YOU – for sharing and all, now I’ve discovered something new…

        And thanks too for stopping by, for the wonderful chat, for connecting (indeed, as you said, it is how communities are created). Thanks for the follow as well. I’d say you’ve made my day in so many different ways in such small a span, in this little…BIG way:-)

  2. Blank Canvas says:

    …see how that turns out…

  3. camc1105 says:

    Good stuff!!! keep up the good work. Art is life!

  4. themofman says:

    Interesting line work.

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