Tube Fox (Original Character)

The wonderous Tube Fox !

This creature is one of my creations.  As you already know he’s a Tube Fox, and is quite a magical creature.  For, when he’s in his adult form he takes the shape of a full-grown fox, but has 9 tails instead of one.   Luckily for us he stays in the cute tube shape form most of the time.

The fox has drawn a lot of attention from other fandoms and artists and has had several fan arts created in his image.   I’ll get to upload those later.

To see the Tube Fox’s linework please look here.

To see a Fan Art of the Tube Fox check this out.

A wonderfull soul: Rhonda decided she wanted to use this image and write an extraordianry piece of writing to go along with it. To check that out please visit her article.

To purchase this as a Fine Art Print please visit the Storefront. Where there are multiple options, and great prices !

Disclaimer: These images are solely owned by me.  If you want to use them please ask for permission, and always give credit back to the original article, or picture that you are going to use.  As long as these images are being used for a non-for profit way then there should be no problems.   Just be sure to credit me, and link back to this site.

About Technical Guru

I am here for the truth, possible tribe formations, garnered resonance, sound ideas, art, and future conceptualism. Aggregation build up.
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19 Responses to Tube Fox (Original Character)

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  2. Rhonda says:

    this serpent fox or fox as snake
    is he the one made Eve forsake
    God’s advice to leave be
    the fruit was born on Knowledge Tree
    for surely God was well aware
    the fox’s wiles outweigh the scare
    of serpent’s tongue and slimy soul
    sly fox did play his foxy role
    got Eve to bite that not be bitten
    and Adam paid…’tis true…’tis written

    🙂 Your images inspire me Olo O’matthew
    hope you don’t mind!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Blushing now. Your creations scream for a storyline. You should be proud of your “children”!

    • Me and a group of personal artist friends who aren’t on here yet. Have been inventing and creating all kinds of enviorments, original concepts, characters, and brainstorming for possible launch pads for a lot of the ideas.

      • Rhonda says:

        Keep doing what you are doing….even more so…expand with stories to go with them if you can…this is a great medium for this. make sure you place on your blog though…that all art, writings, etc…are original and belong to you. people must ask permission to use or copy…but always give credit where credit is due! Good luck to all of you…hope for great things!

      • I will do this ! Usually I add a couple lines about what I know about the character/enviorment i’ve created, and what the future has in store for them. But I will always want to be credited.

        My work can be used for all purposes non profit.

      • Rhonda says:

        That is a noble quality, to share for the good. You can develop a logo and put it directly on your creations photos…that way you are protected

      • Alright in the About page of my site at the bottom I’ve added a kind of disclaimer. Hopefully if there is an influx of artists that want to use my material they see it there. I’m going to start to add the disclaimer at the bottom of each new post. Also going to go back through older posts and add it because so much material here that could inspire a lot of individuals.

      • Rhonda says:

        Good idea…and think about the logo…place it inconspicuously on your creations so there will never be any doubt.

      • Rhonda says:

        something with the OloO may work nicely 🙂

  4. Rhonda says:

    Olo…if you don’t mind…I’d like to make a spot for your foxy tube fox on my blog, along with the little poem. I will make sure to credit the creator of this wondrous creature and also place a link to you on my site. Is that ok?

    • Rhonda !! Thank you, what a nice gesture. Please go ahead. If you’re feeling inspired by all means. Thank you for thinking about crediting back to me as well. It means a lot. Be sure to post a link also so I can come over and see what you’ve created !!

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