Neodymium Magnets – A common use ?

So, after coming home from work a few weeks ago.  I was trying to think of something cool that I could do for my customers.  Something I could either entertain them with, or something they could “play” during their time spent at the counter while their phones where being fixed, or prepped for sale.

I was browsing Amazon like usual, and all of the sudden a magnet sculpture popped up.  My eyes lite right up because I immediately imagined myself playing with magnets, and how much fun and useful they are.   Not to mention that almost every tool that I use in my business has a neodymium magnet attached to it.  Of course the tools are already magnetized, but they’re never that powerful.   I use magnet mats to sort and organize parts of technology onto a flat surface.  The magnetic power of the mats vs the magnetic power of the tools is important for fluidity.   So adding the neodymium magnet to my tools gives the ability to overpower the force of the magnet mat.  Just enough to grab the screws, shields, and other metal containing pieces.

Instead of impulse buying this amazement of magnetic energy that can be turned into a piece of artwork.   I dug into some research, reviews, ect…   The reviews were great, and everyone loved it.  The only downfall is that the magnetic sculpture itself wasn’t that powerful to begin with.  So you couldn’t make long-tall-angular sculptures, you could make blob shapes inherently.

So then the other half of my brain kicked in, and I remembered how I use rare earth magnets to accentuate the already existing power of magnetism in my tools.    So I decided to hop over to ebay, and check out the wholesalers of neodymium small squares.   I purchased 30 of those.

The Magnet’s I Purchased off Ebay

After 4 days I had my sculpture from Amazon, and my neodymium squares from ebay, and that is when the fun experimenting began, but let me tell you.   The “puzzle” is absolutely a blast, and everyone that has come to my counter in the last week has been at first puzzled, then intrigued, then after a few laughs, amazed.   It’s been a great hit, and really didn’t cost much.

People seem to hear the word “rare earth” and automatically assume that it must be stuff that is expensive and useless for normal day to day uses.  As I previously stated my discovery and uses for it in the real world, but truly there are many many more uses.

You can use them to organize knife sets, and other kitchen garb.   Take a look around your office, house, workplace, and creative spaces.   How many metal objects are just laying in piles, or shoved away neatly in drawers?   Exactly.   Now use your imagination, and have fun !.

Part of me wants to fire up my old youtube creator account, and actual do a demo/display of this so it’s easier for people to see and understand !

Anyone else have similar experiences? Am I alone in the world of finding amazing uses out of rare earth magnets. Ultimately I was just super happy to find a way to give my customers something to play with excitedly while they waited, and witnessed their technology being refurbished, ect..

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