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Not a post in the last week or two… Start something great

Sorry about not posting in the last few weeks I have been busy finding work because there will be no tier 5 for the federal unemployment extensions. It’s funny how I talk of tyranny and how our government is a … Continue reading

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A sign of things to come? About a month ago, we were on our way back from a trip to Jacksonville, NC, we live about 45 minutes away. I noticed this billboard and made my husband turn around so I could see what it said. … Continue reading

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Pneumonic plague, and h1n1 blackout?

Swine flu is infecting people all over the world, and new reports are suggesting that these bio-weapons (flu’s) are being used for political reasons. Some believe the first target is ukraine because there is a lot of news that isn’t … Continue reading

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We’re All part of this !

Everyone rather they know it or not,… fat and lazy… small and tall… stupid… smart… are all together in this new war. It is true and has been determined that there is a war on for our mind’s and our … Continue reading

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