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Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Which side are you on?




Choose sides OR DIE !

Quote from facebook “Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov reinvent the time-honored genre and present the terrifying creatures of the night as they were meant to be experienced — as fierce, visceral, intense and bloodthristy. ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER brings to the screen the secret life of our nation’s favorite president . . . as history’s greatest hunter of the undead. ”

My progression:

Started off by vectoring the shape of the head and torso. Then added more specific details with airbrushing, paint brushing, and finally colored.

Then the flag is a mix of different reds, yellows, blues, golds, and whites. Over 5 specific brushes were used to create the flag.

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