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Chixup (Original Concept)

One of my most avid followers created this Character Concept. He drew him traditionally, took a photo, and uploaded it. I decided for him being one of my most astounding followers/friends on the web. I told him I would draw … Continue reading

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Slaughter Fish

Slaughter Fish

Another abomination of a fish.

Hybrid Starfish/Flounder.

She’s a beaut ain’t she?

This is just the Linework. Colored version coming soon.

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Eye Tutorial

This is expanding upon my last post. It is my first tutorial ever produced.  Some parts may seem funny, scary, or just plain rediculous, but afterall this is how I art at the moment. So bare with me folks. http://muro.deviantart.com/redraw/embed/3n112hwxg9

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First Inkscape

First Inkscape

Was messing around with a very awesome vector program called inkscape, and through scribbling and messing about. This object was created.

Created some good feedback over on DevArt, and it taught me a great lesson.

Don’t focus too hard on what you’re trying to create. Just doodle, and freely let things flow. Thats how great things come into being, sometimes.

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The Goddess Eye

The Goddess Eye

The Goddess Eye created in Da Muro. This is the first eyeball that i’ve ever drawn. Using this specific style, and program.

As stated before in prior entries I plan to do more of these because you guys seemed to be more attracted to this kind of art.

If there are any specific kinds of art you guys favor please leave me a comment below, and maybe i’ll do a piece for the community.

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Jack Gray : Rotoscoped

Jack Gray :  Rotoscoped

This is a portrait of one of my best friends (Jack Gray) I did as a gift. Some of you may have heard of him (Poet, Lyricist).

When painting this I didn’t realize anything about style/technique, or even what Rotoscoping was.

It was after I gave his portrait to him that he explained to me what exactly Rotoscoping is.

Since he attained this and posted it on facebook, and mine as well. It has engaged some fans to requests Portraits of the same style varying from singles, couples, and families.

Really hope that the community here on Wordpress, and the internet in general can find some appreciation, critique, or inspiration through this.

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The Last Goddess

The Last Goddess

This fine lady is a conceptual character that I designed as my first OC.

Name: The Last Goddess
Medium: Mixed (Charcoal on posterboard), Photo uploaded into GIMP 2.6. where it was colored in and edited.

This is the .GIF file. I’m not entirely sure if I can upload GIF files and have them work under photo posts, or if I need to use a completely different option of uploading. Either way.

The Last Goddess was one of my first “deviations” on DevArt also, and had pretty good feedback. To Check her out there please visit <a href"=http://levitatingbuddha.deviantart.com/gallery/36076701?offset=24#/d4ry49s" where it actually animates.

It was a fun experience finally mixing traditional, and digital mediums. Then furthering my experience of knowledge by putting her into motion.

I’ll get around to posting the original picture.

I’ll post this article as it is for now, but by tomorrow i’ll turn it into a story of how the process went.

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Dark Shadows Contest: Barnabas Collins 70’s Pop ART !

Dark Shadows Contest: Barnabas Collins 70’s Pop ART !

This would be my second entry for the Dark Shadows contest. Judged by Tim Burton, on Deviant Art.   

The reason I did this second entry was because in the details and rules.  They wanted a Updated image of Barnabas.

With my first submission being more victorian, I figured I should do a second.  Here it is. 

My thinking for this submission was along the lines of a colorfull whimsical setting, almost a long the lines of some sort of communist propaghanda, but obviously not.   

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Dark Shadows Contest: Judged By Tim Burton

Dark Shadows Contest: Judged By Tim Burton

This is my entry for the Contest: Dark Shadows. On Deviant Art.

Tim Burton will be judging the finals and I will feel super excited to know that his genious eyes will even browse this.

If you have time please swing over to my submission and post your comments/opinions on the matter.

Please visit http://levitatingbuddha.deviantart.com/art/My-offering-Barnabas-Collins-295729434 for more information.

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