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The Last Goddess in Motion (Animation)

BTW:  If she is not animating in this article, Click on her.  That will open it up into a single load out page where she can be seen in motion. Meet one of my works. The Last Goddess, but this … Continue reading

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The Last Goddess

The Last Goddess

This fine lady is a conceptual character that I designed as my first OC.

Name: The Last Goddess
Medium: Mixed (Charcoal on posterboard), Photo uploaded into GIMP 2.6. where it was colored in and edited.

This is the .GIF file. I’m not entirely sure if I can upload GIF files and have them work under photo posts, or if I need to use a completely different option of uploading. Either way.

The Last Goddess was one of my first “deviations” on DevArt also, and had pretty good feedback. To Check her out there please visit <a href"=http://levitatingbuddha.deviantart.com/gallery/36076701?offset=24#/d4ry49s" where it actually animates.

It was a fun experience finally mixing traditional, and digital mediums. Then furthering my experience of knowledge by putting her into motion.

I’ll get around to posting the original picture.

I’ll post this article as it is for now, but by tomorrow i’ll turn it into a story of how the process went.

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