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Carry an Axe, and some Dynamite.

Clicking on the link will bring you to a tutorial I created to show people how I do quick draw/sketch/painting. 


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Eye Tutorial

This is my first tutorial ever produced.   It was made with the new Deviant Art program called Da Muro “Re-draw”.   There is no sound, but you can see how I produce such things as my eyes.  Feel free to leave comments below, like, and re-blog/share!  Thanks!

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This is for a contest being held on facebook.  The more people that click the link, like, and share the photo the higher my chaces are of winning the Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter contest.

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Dark Shadows Contest: Barnabas Collins 70’s Pop ART !

This would be my second entry for the Dark Shadows contest. Judged by Tim Burton, on Deviant Art.   

The reason I did this second entry was because in the details and rules.  They wanted a Updated image of Barnabas.

With my first submission being more victorian, I figured I should do a second.  Here it is. 

My thinking for this submission was along the lines of a colorfull whimsical setting, almost a long the lines of some sort of communist propaghanda, but obviously not.   

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