Nintendo Switch – Zelda – Breath of the wild

So over the last few days I have been debating whether or not to get my girlfriend (11 years) a Nintendo Switch.

I literally have sat on ebay, searched the web, availabilities, release dates.  Even reached out to an old friend that works in Electronics at the local Walmart to see if he could tell me when I could expect one to show up for it’s actual retail price. (They’re on rocket order, but the warehouse is out of stock)

Not only that, but I also can not decide whether I want to get her the Neon, or the Grey. I’m probably going with the Neon, but that part of my mind always questions why bother, and try to figure out taste, inherent value, ect… Sometimes I just don’t know.

To no avail and endless time afforded.  It seems the only way to locate one is through Ebay, Amazon, or some other random site where the price is super inflated.   Now it seems most people are fine with the impulse purchasing of one of these “rare” ones that is currently available through Amazon, ebay, walmart, and other online mega retailers.   I just can’t seem to make my mind up.  As the last few days have passed it really is triggering me because I watch as there were thousands available, now down to just a couple of hundred.   Especially on a site like Amazon.

I’m absolutely going to get her one, and of course her all time favorite, since nintendo’s inception.  Zelda – Breath of the wild.   Her, and myself once or twice a year will break out our old consoles, and go through each of our favorite Zelda releases.  Usually we start with my original Nintendo 64 from when I was just a kid, and play Ocarina Of Time, and then go to the Gamecube, and play Twilight Princess, then to the WII and play Skyward Sword.

We never purchased a WII U because there wasn’t a cultish release that tuned out minds in from the Zelda franchise, but as previously stated.  Breath of the wild seems to have captivated us.

So in the meantime we’ve “borrowed” her older brothers WII U from him, and actually went out and purchased the game, for now.

Anyone else in similar circumstance? I feel like I can not possibly be the only one experiencing this rush of childhood energy based around this console, and particular release.

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